Her Excellency Amb Lilian Onoh and His Excellency, Dr Hage G. Geingob 

Farewell courtesy call on President of the Republic of Namibia, His Excellency, Dr Hage G. Geingob by Her Excellency Lilian Onoh, outgoing High Commissioner of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Her Excellency Lilian Onoh paid today 21 October 2020 a farewell courtesy call on President Hage G. Geingob to the President for the warm hospitality during her mission. She informed President Geingob that she learned a great deal from Namibia over the three years that she had served as High Commissioner.

Reaffirming the excellent bilateral relations between Namibia and Nigeria, the High Commissioner thanked President Geingob for the support Namibia gave to Nigeria during the successful re-election bid by Dr. Akinwumi Adesina as President President of the Africa Development Bank.

The High Commissioner also thanked President Geingob for supporting the candidate of Nigeria, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala for the position of Director General of the World Trade Organization. 

The High Commissioner said that President Geingob is a true friend of Nigeria, having visited their country on three occasions, including the two inauguration ceremonies for the Head of State of Nigeria, and the burial of late Professor Adebayo Adediji. Moreover, Her Excellency Onor also thanked President Geingob for the official memorial service held in Namibian in honor of Professor Adediji. She said that this speaks to the person that President Geingob is and as a leader who does not forget the past, which gives collective strength to face tomorrow. She thanked President Geingob for the foundation he had laid for Namibia and Nigeria to prosper.

President Geingob informed during the meeting that Nigeria played an important role in fight for the independence of Namibia. Nigeria, alongside the Frontline States played a pivotal role by leading sanctions against Apartheid South Africa and its illegal occupation of Namibia. 

President Geingob further shared his experience with Nigerian diplomats and scholars at the time when he was a petitioner at the United Nations in the 1960s. President Geingob informed that Nigerian diplomats and scholars helped with the drafting of petitions until late into the night. Recalling the legacy of Professor Adedeji, President Geingob said that the late professor was a mentor and teacher, who played in important role for Namibia.

President Geingob commented Nigeria for the constructive role it plays in the advancement of African issues and interests. “When it comes to Africa, Nigeria is there, Nigeria talks for Africa”, President Geingob said. Responding to the re-election of Dr Adesina for the ADB Presidency, and the candidacy of Dr Okonji-Iweala for the position of Director General of the WTO, 

President Geingob informed that when individuals had excelled in their respective roles, they needed to be supported. It is in that vein that Namibia continued to support the two candidacies.

Notwithstanding the difficulties of a political union or government, President Geingob emphasized the importance of Africa being united in purpose and the need for Africans to stand together. However, with the ACFTA, opportunities for the economic rise of Africa are becoming greater, the President said.

The President wished the outgoing High Commissioner well in her future endeavours and encouraged her to visit Namibia as a tourist.



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